2 thoughts on “Technology Through the Decades

  1. Tamara Van Wyhe (@Tch2LrnAK)

    Aleta, I love your timeline! The old transistor radio brings back fond memories. My sister and I had and would play it as loud as its tiny speaker would blare during sweltering summer afternoons on my parents’ Minnesota farm. Seems so archaic now…when we can play any song we want, on demand, from a variety of mobile devices. My, how times have changed…!

  2. markstandley

    I have to agree with Tammy! The transistor radio brings back so many memories of how it opened up the WORLD through AM radio. It reminds me of the story of the grandchildren asking their grandfather which he liked better -radio or TV (since he’s grown up with one before the other). Grandfather thoughtfully replies, “Radio – the pictures were better!” 🙂
    I think your timeline really personalizes your history and relationship with the technology pointing to what the future will look like for you and through your eyes and experiences for us all. Thanks!


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