Aleta’s Classroom Research of a Balanced Reading Program Approach

Research Questions

What does the pre-designed, comprehensive, blended learning model contribute to the learners’ reading skills in this specific setting? How will students become engaged in a book that may be related to their interests, but has many features not in their current mental schemata, build background knowledge about a book for independent reading? Is this model more effective for students who have prior experience with a supplemental computer reading model?


My research will be based on an interpretive framework. It will be guided by a mixed method study approach. An interpretive framework is guided by using one data set, primarily qualitative, to interpret the traditional standardized quantitative data set; although themes will emerge from qualitative data independent of quantitative. Surveys of reading attitude in both digital and traditional reading settings will reveal information that is both quantitative and qualitative—bridging across data and creating a true mixed method research approach.


Quantitative data will be derived from standardized assessments, and less formal survey responses; although survey responses will also serve as qualitative information since it evaluates attitudes and engagement. Quantitative data will be gathered and interpreted within its own merits, but more importantly with qualitative data from observations and interviews.

2 thoughts on “Aleta’s Classroom Research of a Balanced Reading Program Approach

  1. akedtech

    Hi Aleta – really good work on your Framework. I would really like to see the survey you will use to collect data as a part of your proposal. If you are going to survey – when will you do this? When will you interview? Do you have a set of topics or questions to talk about in the interview? It would be important to include these in your proposal as well.

    Also – what factors will you analyze in terms of standardized text scores? I know these tests can have many indices. Are there particular ones you are looking at? Remember you don’t have to use quant data if you’d rather not. It can provide some interesting starting points for analysis though.

    I am looking forward to your proposal!


    1. aletakmay Post author

      Thank you! Did you also see this posting?
      There are survey and interview questions posted there, but I only refer to the other survey which I will use as well. I’ll get that organized. The survey about preferences for reading digitally or traditionally can be given soon. The survey about whether they like Read 180 can be given in a week or two–now that they are getting more settled into the routine of the program and actually completing the process of reading a book, using the graphic organizer, taking a computer quiz, …. My main focus for quantitative data will be the overall reading RIT score–to determine whether they have gone up, and if so is it at a rate that would close the gap between current reading level and where they need to be by high school?


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