Reflection for Research Question, Method, Framework

Aleta May


Reflection for Research Question, Method, Framework

I really liked reading Nicole’s “Research Question, Justification, and Framework.” I have researched behaviorism in the late 90’s. My purpose though was to find out what causes or maintains both wanted and unwanted behaviors in students who cannot speak for themselves. As stated by Nicole, it is vital for that students be involved in their own process of learning. It is with this in mind, she looks at using a badging system for maintaining positive communication/contributions of students with each other. Used appropriately, this type of system can be used to build intrinsic motivation to participate and learn. In an article I just read about the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, students were actually deterred by the point system. Some students complained that the scores did not measure what they were good at in reading and that they were not awarded enough points for reading thicker/more difficult books (Huang, 2012). Also, points can lead to competition between students and a feeling of letting their classmates down when the class does not earn enough points as a whole group. In Nicole’s theoretical framework, she states what I believe will serve to establish enough incentive to create accountability among students, acknowledgement for efforts, and move to the real goal of bringing students into a classroom environment with their own culture so they want to learn because learning is the incentive.

Jon’s research question regarding the use of Socrative interactive response tool summarizes the heart of what I want to look for. Is the program I am assisting with creating an opportunity for student engagement through discussion? In fact, I think the teacher could build this in by transferring the skills they learn during the limited time a rotation model creates to subject area classes throughout the day. Jon’s framework is built on constructivism where students build knowledge together. I’m interested in the Socrative interactive response tool he will be using. This sounds like a tool to teach students to get started, kind of like reciprocal teaching.

I will need to write my framework, justification and research question much more succinctly than I did in the initial blog this week. Jon and Nicole’s model this for me.


Huang, S. (2012). A mixed method study of the effectiveness of the accelerated reader program on middle school students’ reading achievement and motivation. Reading Horizons, 51(3), 229-246.

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