Week 2 & Planning for Week 3 of Fractions Unit

Week 11 Blog for EDET 637: Differentiating Instruction through Technology

Instructor: Dr. Lee Graham

by Aleta May

Week 2 of Fractions

Steps given by EDET 637 rubric are included as I respond, and reflect from week 2 then plan for week 3:

Students will go onto an internet site to practice math skills:

shepherdsoftware.com   although there is some choice involved when using a variety of sites, the main focus at this point is more specific, at this site, students went to Math Man (a branch off of the former Pac Man game) during the end of week one and more so during week two: http://linkis.com/sheppardsoftware.com/vXPu1

Students practiced reducing fractions with the computer software program. They challenged each other to try to get to level 7.

During the allotted time students remained on task and improved with practice.  Make notes for yourself as you teach your unit this week. How did things go?

I was surprised to see how fast students caught on to the first step of adding fractions.

Was it as expected?

It went better than expected.

 What challenges did you see?

I found that the students followed the first steps and are ready for the second step: Reducing, which includes dividing the top and bottom numbers by a common denominator.

Did you see evidence of learning?


 What was this evidence?

Students followed one-step rules in week 1.

Will you need to change the unit in some way for the second week? I will only add step two, the reducing fractions this week and see how well they can follow a two-step rule.

During the pretest I gave no help, support, or directions. During the first week of assignments, I demonstrated on the white board a simple method of adding fractions with out asking students to ‘reduce or simplify their answers.  – So, you need to make notes of the way that you helped individual students as they pursued their learning path (how your “scaffolded” student learning).

During actual assignment time, after demonstrating at the white board, I sat with the students looking busy. They would ask, “Is this right? Am I doing it right?”

 This is the support that new learners need to become expert in their new knowledge. So if a student asks for assistance – why did this happen? Was it appropriate at the time?

This is the normal method I use to energize and help students stay on track.

Is there a way that you could build in supports so that the next time you do this unit this issue is covered?

I could make a place near the teacher desk where a student could go to check their answers when finished.

Week 3

Students will be assigned web page to continue to practice reducing fractions prior to worksheet assignments:



I will incorporate gaming that is specifically geared to individual student needs. They will continue to practice skills using both radial and other practice worksheets.

During this week, I will focus as a teacher reflecting on students processes and progress.

This week students will focus on reducing fractions, subtracting fractions and end with a post-test.

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