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Week 11 Blog Post EDET679: What is the game you are thinking of writing up for your classroom?

Essential Question: What is the game you are thinking of writing up for your classroom?

My game will be interrelated activities that guide students through a book and use Classcraft as a platform for collecting and using points throughout.

The book read in class blends well with the avatars in Classcraft: Spirit Animals Wild Born, by Brandon Mull 680L ages 8 to 10. In our dual language program, this book would not be used until 5th grade; they and can begin to understand the plot and characters of a novel too. Within an engaging learning context, students create their avatars (also earning clothes and powers for the avatars), earn points, level up, and help each other by working in learning groups and sharing points or powers.

As a teacher, my primary goal is increased reading, writing and vocabulary skills. I have added outside activities that tie in with these goals; such as writing a letter to the character, and gaming with vocabulary words from the text to build their comprehension, chapter by chapter, within the book.

First, students will need to learn about how earning powers work, learn about leaderboards, different types of points. This is a natural Segway for working in groups helping and sharing). A great introduction for the students will be to go to the gaming site already build for Spirit Animals Wild Born.

At this site, students learn about the ceremony that all 11 year olds participate in find out whether they have a spirit animal; they drink Nectar as part of the process. After reading two chapters, they can put points from this game into the Classcraft platform.

Some activities will include Character Bingo, and a Wild Born Story Map Discussion Game. The game uses sets of cards; for each of the main characters and guides students to notice character differences. Meanwhile, they will be earning points to put into the Classcraft platform. Here is the scale:

The Scale will be:

HP (Health Points) 20

XP (Experience Points) 0

AP (Action Points) 30

GP (Gold Pieces) 90

PP (Power Points)

After using index cards to quiz each other, students will have reviewed chapters to answer questions. Students will use to ask a question that goes with the answer posed. :

There are two ways where vocabulary will be studied by repeated use of the words, as opposed to only learning words in context. The point of extra vocabulary practice is acknowledging that our English Language Learners need multiple opportunities to practice using words from the context to learn them.

I will connect to the reading of the book and collecting Experience Points for vocabulary activities.

Students will join the class by using this URL:

Students will also participate in a spirit animal quest that will help them focus on why the author may have chosen certain animals for the novel. They will become familiar with how a Ram, Arax, would be able to creep along the rocky heights of mountains and why the author might add in that Arax had the power to stir up the wind. Snow Leopard Quest 1 BBC Planet Earth—(April 10, 2011) 15’

When Abeke wrote to the Greencloaks at:

Students were provided with an example for how to write to a character with or without their spirit animal.

My next focus is to apply specific 5th grade Alaska Standards for the reading, writing, and vocabulary standards. An overall technology and English Language Learner (ELL) standard will tie to these activities as well.


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