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Aleta May’s Blog One Reflection


I set up a blog, submitted an entry, and responded to others.  Though I have used discussion board and discussion threads through college courses, blogging is new to me.  I am still learning about Twitter, but now have a Twitter account.  This is the beginning to understanding its value in instruction.  Before this week, I had not heard of a blogroll; now I have used it a few times as if it were second nature to me.  This is how much of technology has built up in my skill set over time.

Reading the chapters helped me to see the overlap between disciplines in how learning theory is applied.  Constructivism is applied within my reading specialist program, so learning more about how it applies to using technology to instruct did, and will continue to, enrich my understanding of this theory of learning. 

Transactional Distance was a new term for me.  Since I wanted further knowledge about this concept, I looked up an article about helping to make students feel close to each other in a class that is online.  I compared my experiences from attending a college campus to present day attending college through online courses.  Though there were many pros to face-to-face, in person classes, there were time limits for freely exploring learning together.  With technology expanding ways to communicate, I talked about how it is even better to communicate with peers who are further away.  Nicole responded in a way that reminded me we had just participated in an online class through WebEx where we could see the teacher, and mentioned that there are other ways to do this as well.

After reading Thomas’ initial post, and watching the Kahn You-Tube video he posted, I was able to give him feedback from the video that students might be more engaged in watching math tutorials online if there were 50% of the class time devoted to applied math projects.  I added in robotics as an example.  However, I acknowledge the challenge of getting equipment needed to make this 50/50 way more possible.

After viewing Jeffrey Laube’s post, his blog site is so well organized I feel inspired to upgrade mine.

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