EDET678 Emerging Technologies: Reflection to Essential Question: What Minecraft game could you create that would help students learn?

Aleta May

EDET678 Emerging Technologies

July 10, 2016

Reflection to Essential Question: What Minecraft game could you create that would help students learn?

I got so many more ideas for how to use Minecraft in the classroom this week. During the Twitter Session, I got to speak with a high school math teacher about using Minecraft for highschool math. I found a YouTube example of using Minecraft for teaching Pabolas in the real world. He thanked me for sharing is clip:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMuUKaMMRQg He responded to me on Twitter and replied by saying:

Gerald Scarzella ‪@unicyclepro@aletakmay I thought about this concept, but seems like a lot of work to incorporate some algebra in MC thanks for sharing!! He is right about time. Daysha had a similar concern about teacher time spent in helping to create a world for students.

Here is her Twitter reply: Daysha Easter ‪@Daysha_Easter#uaemergtech I wonder how long it takes to create a world? How much will the kids learn versus the amount of time I spend?

Maybe Daysha’s idea from her WordPress post is a better way to go for starters—allowing students to take a course in Minecraft that would teach them important computer skills, then the students could start helping to create Minecraft problems for other students to follow for a variety of subjects.

Another answer to this time factor is for me to learn how to use Minecraft better and better, then I can lead students to create scenarios for students to get them started and inspired. Also, I could be the secret surprise person to “show up” in their environment as they work together for a class project.

This Twitter exchange back and forth below discussion was so inspiring to me!

Aleta May ‪@aletakmay @brianavatar @Daysha_Easter #uaemergtech Do you think architects would use this for prototyping to collaborate their next bldg. blueprint?

Brian Mason ‪@brianavatar    @aletakmay @Daysha_Easter It would be perfect for creating scale models of the building they are going to build.


Aleta May ‪@aletakmay

@brianavatar @Daysha_Easter #uaemergtech Do you think architects would use this for prototyping to collaborate their next bldg. blueprint?      

As I read through ideas of classmates on how they might use Minecraft in the classroom, my thinking was expanded from their perspectives from what they read. Also, by reading their ideas and watching their YouTube clips or following links embedded in readings through my own research, I understand more now why and how Minecraft is an example of an interactive, collaborative environment where students can build skills they will use in future careers.

WordPress Replies I gave:


@adishnook Hi Anastasia. I posted a reply to your Week 8 blog post.

I tend to think of teaching more than I know as when I am a facilitator of learning. I am not really teaching more than I know, so much as I am teaching students how to learn on their own. If I can pick up a manual and teach myself, I am teaching students to pick up a set of instructions (such as graphic novel formatted instructions for how to do different activities in Minecraft).

Empowering students to learn reminds me of the ‘can do’ Mindset. If we model this in front of students, they may at first be surprised to find out that the teacher is learning as they go, or just barely ahead of the students. However, we are teaching them that our job is really to teach them how to learn.

I think my favorite in the key trends in your list is “Introverted students are finding ways to participate in class discussions online.”

I really enjoyed reading your post! Thank you for sharing.



After watching Middle School and High School teachers teach across wide subject content areas in our school. Also, at one point I taught a High School English class (my area of specialty then was K-12, mild – severe cognitive impairment; special education)with 14 students and 5 books, and no teacher guide as I waited for the new system to take place (which ended up taking longer than anticipated). Fortunately, I had purchased a book for English teachers that had blackline masters—and we took off on learning about writing using metaphors, analogies, etc.

It seems like there are many rural areas across the nation that have had a hard time filling (and retaining) positions with teachers who are highly qualified. Therefore, the Makerspace idea in my mind is part of connecting subject areas. Subject areas overlap in many ways. Also, teaching thematically, while using making to express something a student made from Minecraft into a physical model of a house with proportional measurements, using Arduino electronics with LED light switches and incorporating art would be a way to tie it all together.

Overly restricting internet access, then, creates a digital divide. Some districts find ways to manage student/teacher internet usage, while others just restrict it to the point that using video clips to teach students in a teachable moment is out of the question. How can we teach students research skills to answer their own questions if it is overly restricted?

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